Pioneering a Tech-Driven Path to Universal Financial Wellness

and driven individuals working tirelessly to build a cutting-edge technology platform. Our aim is to bring financial wellness within the reach of everyone. We merge the precision of algorithmic decision-making with a compassionate human touch. Join us in tackling some of the most intricate challenges in the industry and help our customers discover the right solutions for their personal health and financial needs. Despite being just five years into our journey, we're financially solid and continuously innovating, and this is just the beginning!

We are...


Efficient Innovators

Unleashing our fervor to craft the future's ultimate customer experience, we relentlessly strive for uncharted efficiency and unprecedented outcomes.


Humble Collaborators

Ego has no place here. Together, we wield data as a powerful tool to drive a significant impact on our customers, employees, and all stakeholders.



We're audaciously relentless in our pursuit of self-improvement, seeking kindred spirits hungry for personal growth and success.



Operating with unwavering integrity, we understand that our peers and customers rely on us to do what's right, making the world a better place in the process.

Answers to Your Questions

Are you an insurance company?

Unlike many insurance companies that use technology to make their work more efficient, we are a technology company first and foremost. We are using our data-driven platform to transform the experience of finding insurance and financial services from a painful experience to a pleasant one—thus helping to provide financial wellness to huge swaths of people who are largely unserved today.

Do you sell insurance?

Yes, our product is a powerful digital platform that connects users with licensed agents who help them find insurance and/or financial product tailored to their circumstances. We are not the carrier or underwriter of the insurance and financial products.

What does Prudential’s backing mean for Omnio Group's culture?

Thanks to Prudential’s backing, we offer what we think is an ideal balance of stability and startup ethos: all the dynamism and opportunity for impact without the uncertainty of constantly looking for funding. Our startup roots have formed many of the elements of our company culture that we strive to keep as we grow, including our pioneering spirit, fast pace, and radical candor.

What’s your policy around remote work?

We are working to create a hybrid environment that will help us grow our globally remote worker base while providing in-person collaboration opportunities across our several offices. This includes a mix of remote and work-from-home options as well as safe workplace return programs. Our goal is to keep our work culture fun, interactive, and connected with weekly all-hands, team-bonding activities, and regular learning opportunities (like Data Science Fridays).

Are your sales associates full-time or contract?

We’re building a hybrid model where agents can choose to work how they want: both W2 and 1099 positions are available. We’re also working with all agents to create a community that helps them feel better connected to Omnio and other agents. Many of our agents say working for Omnio is a great way to build their career and business selling health and financial wellness products.

Do I need to have insurance experience?

- For Corporate Roles: Nope! While many of our core team members do bring relevant industry experience, insurance or financial services experience is not required. If you have the right technical background and/or other qualifications, a lack of insurance experience won’t block your success.

- For Sales Agents: For the most part, yes, we expect our agents to be certified and have sales experience with varied specializations in insurance and/or financial services. That said, we have a growing number of opportunities for professionals who are looking to kick off an insurance career, and we provide support for people to learn and grow in these roles.